Implementation step by step

Contact us and we will arrange a meeting.

We will visit you and introduce the possibilities of our PDS and you will outline your ideas and needs.
Together we will clarify which data are important to you. Monitored data can be placed on a server directly at your place, or can be stored on the Cloud. Next we will discuss what the visualization will look like and how you want to work with the data. The obtained data can also be exported and used in other business systems. PDS can send evaluation and notification e-mails, SMS, but also make phone calls in predefined cases. You will get immediate information about direpair and other important events.

We will look at your machines / technologies and propose a technical solution.
Our PDS system is very flexible, we can connect to modern control systems, but we can, for example, equip the machine, whether it is “new” or “old”, with the most modern sensors. However, the PDS is not limited to monitoring machine and technology data, but can also be a management, control or signaling system. This can be used well, for example, in poka-yoke workplaces, where it will help you increase repeatability, quality and meet customer audits.

Based on the previous steps, we will make you an proposal that will correspond exactly to what you need.
After approving the proposal, we will agree on the time course of smooth implementation. We make sure that we can implement PDS as quickly as possible and that your normal activities are not restricted.

Once everything is installed / done, it will be up to you how to use the outputs and values ​​from the PDS. 
Thanks to the application of PDS, you will not only save, but also discover what you had no idea about your machines or technologies.

PDS is very flexible and is ready to grow with your new requirements. 

If you find out in the future that you need something else – we can do it!